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Unlocking LinkedIn Strategies

There are two types of marketing. You can either push yourself upon people with cold calls, intrusive emails and messages or you can pull people in. You pull people in by being an industry leader, providing advice, and by creating advocates on your behalf that recommend you. I prefer to pull people in; I would rather have people knock on my door and call me than vice versa.

When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates and insights to help you be great at what you do. LinkedIn makes your extended network visible. So let’s create a magnetic professional profile with the following suggestions.

Start by ensuring your LinkedIn profile is public and giving yourself a custom URL. To ensure your profile is public, go to your profile and click the blue “View Profile As” button, then “Manage Public Profile Settings.”

Make sure that “Make My Public Profile Visible to Everyone” is selected. From there, you can choose which parts of your profile are visible.

This is also the page where you can add a custom URL. It is best to use your full name so that people can easily find your profile. The more professional, the better for both personal branding and SEO purposes. Now that your personal profile link is more marketable you can add your custom URL to business cards and other places like an email signature.

Profile Picture – Have a Clickable Pic – One eye tracking study suggested that LinkedIn profile viewers spent nearly 20% of their time on a profile looking at the photo, so you want to be sure you’re looking your best.

There are plenty of available guides and the Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn profile photos, but suffice to say it should be as clear and professional as possible. When you project an image of professionalism, you are much more likely to be attractive.

Concise Intros – They should be compelling with use of keywords that are being searched. What keywords are your audience using to search? Include them in your summary. Include uploads and links to documents and videos as part of your profile. Not only does this visually enhance your profile, but the viewer can also be directed to websites of your choice to get more information. This makes it easier to impress viewers with your expertise and move them closer through the conversion tunnel.

Network – With friends, family and colleagues – Connections – The more people you have in your network, the more likely you will come up in relevant search results. When you come home with business cards from networking events, look them up and connect with them on LinkedIn. Sometimes it is hard to put a face to a name after such events so this can help.

Interact – like – share – comment – endorse. Your recent activity shows up in your network’s updates homepage. Don’t overdo it with the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ but make sure you are staying relevant and in mind with your network by giving LinkedIn some attention at least once a day.

Say Happy Birthday – Congratulate on Work Anniversaries – Use this as an opportunity to ask questions and send personal messages – be genuine. Do not send the pre-programmed messages to someone; they will know it is fake and will not make time to respond back. This also opens up an opportunity to ask about their lives and career; we live in a referral based business world. The more people you are connected to, the more people will want to connect to you. Just make sure you are maintaining your relationships.

Publish Post – Develop content that is quick to consume, high quality and worthy of being shared. Don’t make it all about you with your products and services. What’s in it for them? Share valuable content and then let them explore to discover what else you have to offer.

Upload – Eye catching images – Add Achievements, Volunteer and Extracurricular Experience – Fill out suggested information so that your profile strength is at “All-Star” level. Use Calls to Action to lead people to your website, blog posts and portfolios.

Give Recommendations – the more you give the more you receive. Give to your network with no intentions of getting anything back. That is the true act of generosity. If you give with the intention of getting more in return, the law of reciprocity will not kick in for you. The best part of this is, if you recommend someone with a big network/influencer, then everyone who visits their profile will see your recommendation and may even explore your profile from there.

MORE TIPS ––                 

Get your LinkedIn profile proof read with some suggestions and feedback.

Put a link to your LinkedIn profile on your email signature, your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and any websites you maintain to create inbound links.

There is a large number of groups available in every conceivable industry and niche. The groups you join appear on your profile and will help interested leads know where your expertise and interests lie.

Get the LinkedIn mobile app to make it easier to use when away from your laptop or desktop and you can be more responsive as well.

Review those ranked higher. Click on profile and then “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” then “How You Rank for Profile Views” after viewing their profile, find out what they all have in common. Why are they ranked higher?


The benefit of being higher ranked means you get much more exposure. You will be suggested more, you will get more endorsements and recommendations. You will attract your target audience with your published posts and updates. LinkedIn is a great platform to target business professionals. Remember to stay genuine and you will get out of it what you put in. Last TIP -Become more valuable to your network!

Message me on LinkedIn – and I will review your profile and provide some feedback for improvements.

Graduate of a (B.A.) Psychology program with an emphasis on Management and a Minor in Communications with over 5 years of Marketing experience. I believe Psychology and a Marketing background gives me a unique skill set which helps me understand human behavior and how to influence people to take a specific action.